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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Deja Brew Bar & Grill

To be honest, I generally avoid this place because of the louder, younger crowd (sorry, not my thing anymore), but I went here to celebrate a friend’s birthday last week and was pleasantly surprised at how different it is if you sit outside.  I liked it enough that we’re going there for my birthday next week.

The food here is consistently good.  I have read many negative reviews on, but that hasn't been my personal experience.  The chicken tortilla soup is delicious.  The southwestern egg rolls were spicy, but not too much, very tasty.  I would recommend these for people who like some heat, but not a lot. (I like a lot.) The nachos are huge and really good, as are the mini burgers (refuse to call small burgers “sliders,” as I remember why we originally called White Castle burgers “sliders”).  Fairly decent wine and beer menu, lots of martini options.  The chocolate martini is dangerously deceptive, tastes like dessert, not a cocktail.

 I wouldn’t recommend this place for kids.  This is more of a bar.  That said, the food is better than your typical bar food.  The indoor area attracts a 20-something crowd and can get really loud.   The outdoor patio is better for people like me who prefer a quieter area where you can enjoy conversation. 

 Deja Brew Bar & Grill is located at 5219 West 95th Street in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

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